10/22/12 – Create a simple application that can read the position of a person’s joints and limbs leaving an image trace.
10/25/12 – Be able to save this image into a file that shows our created drawing.
11/1/12 – Research with dancers and designers to design the most useful interface and capabilities.
11/22/12 – Implement tools and capabilities established from our research. Begin to integrate conductor with dancer.
12/6/12 – Do testing with dancers, wrap up, try to implement additional capabilities like 3-d, interaction with projection, and internet connectivity.



This will be successful if the dancers like it and we can dynamically make adjustments with gesture.

We will test this out with dancers and attempt interactive projections. We will try different locations outside of the lab including stages and performance spaces.

We will judge the results of the test by studying the images created and the ease at which we are able to control the tools with gesture.

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