We are Danilo Rodrigues, Emily Grenader, Fernando Nos, Marcel de Sena Dall’Agnol & Troels Hansen.

Our project, Motion Draw, allows users to draw using movement, dance, and interaction with other users.

Possibilities of use include:

  • Dancers enhancing performance with added visual interactions
  • Users in different locations could have the ability to combine into a collaborative drawing engagement
  • Sound, depth, or projected buttons could be utilized to change brush styles, colors, and thickness
  • A new way of drawing could be created that can be displayed as two-dimensional or three-dimensional representation
  • A conductor could work with dancers to adjust lighting, sound, color, and other tools


This project began in Nadir Weibel’s CSE 118 : Ubiquitous Computing course at UCSD. See more projects here!

The motionDraw team was invited by the Experimental Drawing Studio to work as artist-in-residence at their space in the new Structural and Materials Engineering building for the fall quarter. Thanks, EDS!

Our header image is created from Etienne-Jules Marey’s photograph Chronophotographic Image Formed by Man Walking in Black Suit with White Stripes (1884)



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