Marcel in Paris

We had fun presenting our paper and poster at CHI 2013, the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Work-In-Progress) in Paris! Thanks to everyone for the great feedback and support.


Interviewing Dancers

Troels and I went on a mission to interview UCSD dancers about motionDraw. We asked the following questions:

1) What are some examples of dance that has used technology that you like? Dislike?

2) Have you ever tried working with computing and projection with dance?

3)Could you see benefits of interacting with a computer while dancing?
a. In real real time vs. post production

4)Would you prefer to control a device that changed a projection, or would you prefer a second “conductor” to alter the atmosphere?
a. In general as a dancer, do you prefer set choreography or a more open improvisation?

We learned a lot and will post answers soon!!

Save to file

I added functionality for the program to save positions to a file, X and Y as pixel positions and Z as depth. Each joint is labeled (H: Head, WL: Wrist Left, and so on), and flagged as tracked or inferred. The screenshot is of a skeleton in “sitting position”, hence no joints below the spine.

Working on a Python script to read the file and output another with the positions averaged out, in order to reduce noise.